Troop Youth not Auto Sync with My,Scouting

We have two new members that are currently appearing on the charter on My.Scouting but when I attempt to create accounts for them on Scoutbook, I keep getting the error that they can not be found on My.Scouting. I have checked the spelling of their names, their birth dates, and gender on both systems and they are exactly the same. One of the issues I’m having is I can’t enter their BSA Member number because the block is greyed out in the Profiles. Is there an easy solution to resolve this problem.

@JohnFinnegan - where were they added to the roster at I just transferred three in Friday night and by Saturday morning they were on the scoutbook roster.

@JohnFinnegan If you post the Scouts’ BSA member numbers, we can take a look. (No names, please)

@JohnFinnegan I think I found them. They already had Scoutbook accounts, so I have merged them.

Please go to each Scout’s Membership page in Scoutbook, click on their troop membership, and add a date ended.

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