Trouble Adding Me as Den Leader

Good Evening, I have two questions.

  1. I am have a warning message across the top of my page . Stating ( Warning another is using the same email address)

  2. we are having issues adding me as Den Leader to Scout Book , when they enter my email address to add me ad Den Leader they get my sons Member ID number . . Please help .

Well your Wife’s account has the same email - users can change their email under their profile

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@JohnCampbell_III you are also not registered as a den leader - you need to fill out an adult application - at least under your current log in


Ok ,so my wife needs to change her email address?

we are still waiting on recharter to finish , application was done months ago , so once that is done I should be able to be added then ?


Scoutbook now allows shared e-mail addresses. The message is there so you know there is another Scoutbook account with the same address. In many cases, this is an error.

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Very cool! I had missed this in the 9 March change log.

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