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Troubles connecting a parent to a youth

I have a parent in my troop who we are trying to connect to her son. Her daughter used her email to take YPT a while back, so the email is linked to her daughter. I need to get the email linked to the mom rather than the daughter. Our Registrar called Member Care, and they told her to have me contact Scoutbook Support. I opened at ticket two months ago and haven’t gotten a response. The incident number is SSD-98779. I was told on Workplace that members of the Scoutbook Advisory Council could help get that fixed. I don’t remember all the details, but they should all be in the incident. Thanks!

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Ticket SSD-98779 was updated multiple times yesterday.

Thanks for checking! Is there a way that I can see what was done (or get email notifications on it)? I only got the original confirmation on March 25th, and haven’t heard anything since. I double checked all of my spam folders.

Try going to the BSA Member Care link below. When creating a new JIRA help desk account, use your email address for user name, and use the same e-mail address that you used when you submitted the original help request.

membercare.scouting.org (Member Care JIRA help desk)

I sent the original email from my scouting.org account. I checked Jira with both my scouting.org sign in and my personal gmail sign in. SSD-98779 was in neither of them. The only tickets were past tickets.

I got the confirmation email giving me the ticket number in my scouting.org email. I have gotten nothing since.

I just opened ticket SSD-102688 to see if I could get a status update on ticket SSD-98779. I’m hoping Scoutbook Support responds better to the new ticket. The parent who’s waiting to be connected to her son in Scoutbook is getting very frustrated since she’s been waiting over 2 months for resolution.

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