Trying to register scout who has two member ID's

At the beginning of our scout year, we had a parent attempt to transfer their scout into our pack from another council. They ran into an issue with the online registration system and contacted national for help. Supposedly national added them to our pack roster but this scout’s registration wasn’t renewed when we re-chartered and then the scout’s registration expired in January without anyone on the pack noticing. (I don’t know if national actually registered them in our pack or not since I didn’t have any IA or SB permissions at that time.)

Now we’re trying to re-register them as a former scout, but the parents have discovered their scout has two BSA member ID’s and doesn’t know which one they need to use for registration.

One ID is 140440226 and the other ID is 137482723.
The parent thinks the …226 ID was made when national transferred them into our pack - if true then it probably doesn’t have any achievements, awards, or advancements.

Thank you for any help!

@TimAbbott I would recommend that the parent (mother) create a username for herself at my.Scouting. She should use her full name (not a nickname) and her date of birth. The BSA member ID number she should try to match (for herself) is: 140440257.

The BSA member ID number for the Scout in Grand Canyon Council is: 140440226.

I’ve asked the parents to follow those instructions. I’ll post back if we need any more help.