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Two accounts for same person, but Council cannot see this


I see two accounts in Scoutbook for one of our leaders/parents. One has a BSA ID number, and is on our Pack Committee. The other account has the correct email address, and is the one that she uses to see her kids, yet has no BSA ID attached. Council says there is just one account in my.scouting.org and scoutnet with the correct ID and email and training, and is attached to her kids. I need some sort of merging done with the Scoutbook accounts. Please help.


I have been through this a few times. Copy the URLs (web addresses) from the “Edit User Profile” page, identify which one is the one she has access to, and email your Council Registrar explaining the situation and which account to merge into. This will likely need to go to Scoutbook Support, but has to go through the Council level. The Council level will likely not understand why you included the URLs, but Scoutbook support has asked me for them pretty consistently so I recommend including them right off the bat.

I already showed this to council multiple times, and they couldn’t figure it out. It is only in Scoutbook they say, nothing on their end.

I understand, but as of 09/01/2020 Scoutbook support has to go though Council, so they will have to forward it up to open a support case. Users can no longer access support directly. This is why I suggested packaging all the info the way I did.

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