Two accounts

I have the same issue, two accounts.

My local council cannot sort it out.

I have moved multiple times, and during one of the moves between TX and NJ, the NJ council or my local Troop created a new BSA number, and thus, another Scoutbook account for me. I do not know how to merge these two accounts. This has affected my ability to lead Scouts and take on assignments for my local Troop. It has been quite frustrating.

Is there anything that you can do to help me merge these two accounts and create one account?

Here are the two accounts: 135405736 and 131890117. One is under “Jeff”
and the other is under “Jefri”, which is how my first name is spelled legally. My local Troop needs me to to be assigned as a MB counselor and update records.

Anything you can do to help me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Jeff Lukowski Troop 41 Mountain Lakes NJ

@JefriLukowski Jeff, I am looking into this for you.

@JenniferOlinger - Thanks for the help. By chance do you have a contact at my local council?

@DouglasKoons - your council website should present contact info

@JefriLukowski I have merged your Scoutbook accounts. However, you will probably need to wait overnight for a position sync to sync your positions and merit badges.

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@DouglasKoons For your council, try the Membership Services Team:

@JenniferOlinger - Thanks for the link

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I need help merging two accounts of one of our den leaders:

His official BSA account: 14075085
His old BSA account (with his YPT training): 13447123
Name: (removed by moderator)
Email: (removed by moderator) (his current email in the system has a typo)

Please can you help merge the accounts and ensure the email address is as above? Thank you so much!

Shanghai Pack 12, PCC

@ChrisShanghai The SB Users are merged - the user needs to log in with their username/password - the email looks fine to me - but user can change it under edit profile

I have two accounts as well. One is my parent account and the second is my committee member/coordinator account. I need to merge the two.

Parent: Emily Grant, user id 11577154, no BSA Number
Adult: Emily Grant, user id 12230262, BSA 14056124

I forgot to add that according to another member, my email address is only associated with my parent account, but when I looked at my info, my email appears to be with my committee account. I’m so confused.

@EmilyGrant1 this is fixed

Thank you, however now my troop and all connections are lost including those from my sons. Mt troop seems to think I am still connected.

@JefriLukowski This is fixed - log in with your NOT your email

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