Two Adult Member IDs - Can they be merged?

I have a parent who has 2 member IDs: 13610548 is “connected” (it shows the linked chain icon), and 14335669 is not connected (showing the broken chain icon). Can these two IDs be merged? The parent is submitting an application as a Merit Badge Counselor, and it would be helpful if she had just one ID. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

MIDs cannot be merged but we can help clean up scoutbook

@SharonSmith these numbers do not line up with one person - please check them again

I may have clicked on the wrong profiles to begin with; please try these IDs:
My apologies for the error on the initial message.

OK there was a third one - when they apply for position they need to put 14635931 on the application so council does not make another one

Thank you for fixing the issue and cleaning up Scoutbook. I’m wondering if this happened because she has 3 children in 3 different units (Cub Pack, Boy Troop, and Girl Troop). Either way, I’ll let her know what Member ID to use moving forward. Thank you for your help navigating the Scoutbook waters!

That’s certainly a risk with paper apps. Online is usually a little better if the user remembers they already have an account.


136010548 - Has the parent / child User Relationships.

@JenniferOlinger missed that - does one have them all? No they are scattered
@SharonSmith they also need to ask Council to consolidate AKELA Relationships to Scouts under 14635931

@DonovanMcNeil That one just has User Relationships to only one child.

@SharonSmith What’s odd is that all of these BSA member numbers have a different year of birth.

I would recommend having the parent confirm her DOB and contact your local council to get them corrected.

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