Two cubmasters listed in my.scouting

(If you are reporting an issue with My.Scouting, please include all of the following items so we can better assist you:
Computer and mobile
Unsure the operating as am reporting for a committee member (mine is Windows 11)
Cache cleared
13715318 CM1
1792603 CM2

When COR attempted to update our cubmaster he encountered an error which he cannot fix. It is now showing both above as the cubmaster. This is creating issues throughout our system for both people. CM1 is showing as “membership expired 4/30/2024” even though he was renewed for full 2024 and family is still active in the pack. CM2 is having access issues with his sign on and is only able to get into our Pack on one of his computers/phones. He was also a leader with P374 which was dissolved and merged with P321 1/1/2024. He is still seeing the full P374 but not always P321. He has submitted his issues but this goes beyond just his access. We need to END CM1s position as CM and reassign him as a committee member and ensure CM2 is still in the position.

It is also keeping us from assigning a new Committee Chair until this “error of 2 CMs” is resolved.

Key3 Delegate

@TammieZemler this sounds like a grace period issue - talk to council registrar

I am noticing a similar issue. We moved leaders out of the Tiger Den Leader role into Den Leader. They are showing in both positions now but when you hover over them it says “The membership has expired”.


Kimberly in this case shouldn’t be in the Tiger Den Leader list anymore.

When I spoke with my registrar she said his membership had ended in one place but was still active in the back somewhere. She had to change his membership in one place to be current.
Now it shows correctly for me in my.scouting but is still messed up for the Cubmaster. He is still showing as den leader. I will have to go back to her today with screen shots to see if we can fix it.
I think there is a bug in there somewhere but don’t have a clue what.

Your registrar should open a ticket with national to report this buggy behavior.

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