Two IDs with same email address (Continuing the discussion)

Revised issue as of 5/30/2023:
Troop 25 B in New Birth of Freedom Council has a Parent MID SB User ID:
13111259 (Comment - Scoutbook does not show his BSA ID 121308134) with the following feedback
“I have signed into Scoutbook this morning and can definitely seen far more info than I have before – including the troop roster. However, I am still receiving a notice that there are two IDs using the same email address and I also noted that while I can update Hayden’s attendance for various events, I am still not able to update my own attendance. The planning meeting this evening is one example where I am unable to RSVP. Related – I also see next to my name a “Pending” note and a statement that this user has never logged in before – which is strange since I am logged in and can see this info…. Not sure what I should do next.”

Please advise next step for this parent / troop action.
Thanks, Steve Coates 717-818-6789 (mobile)

Continuing the discussion from Two IDs with same email address:

Troop 25 B in New Birth of Freedom Council has Parent

“I just now logged into SB via the app on my phone and it shows my member ID as 14812721. This appears to be different than the SB User ID: 13111259, BSA ID 121308134 you’ve relayed. Related, I did receive the email invitation that you reference and I logged into SB using my PC and it referenced this same ID; however, I also received a message indicating that there are two different IDs using the same email address… perhaps this related to the issues that I am experiencing?”

Please advise solution to this issue.
Steve Coates, 717-818-6789 (mobile)

@StephenCoates that is fixe - & I recommend that They contact your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up the children. When they look up the children, they want to check children’s “User Relationship” and make sure that children are connected to parent with Only the correct BSA member ID number 121308134 and remove them form the other MID

Thanks for the quick reply. Will the change to (name removed) MID be an overnight update or should it show up today?

@StephenCoates please do not post names or Personal data other than BSA #s. The change is already in place

I just logged in and I am getting a message that says “warning another user is using the email address,” I have no idea why this is happening. What should I do?


I’ll work on fixing this for you.


This is fixed. For some unknown reason, which I need to ask the developers to look into, your son’s BSA Member ID was put on your SB account and removed from his. When you logged in recently, a new SB account was created for you, causing the dup e-mail message.

I have merged the two SB accounts with your name and restored your son’s BSA Member ID to his SB account.

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