Unable to access account after password reset

I have a COR who is trying to log in to his account after getting his password reset, but he is still getting an error message saying his credentials are incorrect. He also, I believe, has two different BSA numbers assigned to him that need to be merged. His BSA # in Scoutbook is 136858105, and his BSA ID# for his profile is 13551670, his user name is (name removed by moderator)

We are awaiting his completion of his YPT for recharter, so any insight you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

@MorganSchlicker I sent you a private message.

@JenniferOlinger I have one leader, maybe two in the same situation: they just cannot access their account at all on my.scouting.org and the bot did not help. Can you help out?

@NicolasRietsch I can try. Please post their BSA member number (no names please) or I can send you a private message.


I’m checking with the other person

For this one, she has Apple log in turned on, so she needs to use her Apple ID and Apple password.

Thanks. can you please PM me what kind of authentication is used for 133049890?

What does the verb “PM” mean?

PM means Private Message

@NicolasRietsch the login is a user name that appears to be a combinations of childs names

@NicolasRietsch I sent you a private message.