Unable to Access Boys or Girls Troop IA. Was able to Yesterday. September 1st?

As advancement chair for our troop (both B and G) I have been able to log into my.scouting with my credentials and perform Internet Advancement 2.0 tasks. Yesterday, I was not able to access the the girls troop IA section and today I am not able to access either boys or girls IA. I received some sort of error yesterday similar to expected INT received String. It was a brief error message.

Member ID: 125517639

The developers are aware of and working on a fix

Sounds Good. Thx. -Mark


How do I start a new thread?
Mark Boatman
Member ID: 125517639

If discourse is working correctly, you navigate to the desired forum category from here (Scouting Forums), click on the one you want (say Scoutbook Bugs - Scouting Forums), then select the New Topic button (or “+” symbol on mobile, I think).

Sometimes (for reasons I don’t understand at least), Discourse doesn’t serve the blank new post (or reply) window, and you have to click into a different thread to get it to show up. It’s a known issue that seems to be some sort of interaction between discourse and the BSA implementation of the forums, but nobody seems to have tracked it down yet despite it having been looked into.