Unable to access Venturing advancement


I am currently a registered Scout and Venturer, as of this July. However, these two registrations are across two different Councils and I am unable to access my advancement as a youth– meanwhile my guardian account is able to access those records. Is there a way to merge these two accounts (Scout+Venturer) in order to access both?


You would need 2 different logins for you to see them - I imagine your name is slightly different between the 2 accounts if it is not causing issues already- you could try this for the Ven account -
Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

Thanks! Apparently, I had to create a new account to access Crew information. So, is there possibility of merging these or would I rather just use two separate accounts?


Because you are registered in 2 Councils, having 2 IDs is your only option. Each Council has their own set of BSA Member IDs and Scoutbook only supports 1 ID per account.

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