Unable to add a leader

Hi I am trying to add our hiking chair coordinator to our leaders so they have access but I get an error everytime I try to add her. She is not register with BSA as its just the hiking coordinator. I’ve been able to add other leaders with no issue. Please help.

To be an adult leader in the BSA, one must be registered in the BSA.

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Expanding on @Matt.Johnson’s response, Scoutbook was revised earlier this year to enforce this requirement, so that everyone who has access to PII via Scoutbook has completed the BSA background checks and been approved as a unit leader by the chartering organization. There have been several announcements about it along the way, as well as periodic corrections when there have been issues.

I suggest that everyone subscribe to the Scoutbook (Scoutbook Change Log - Scouting Forums) and Internet Advancement (Internet Advancement and Recharter Change Log - Scouting Forums) change log forums here.

Yes. I tried to add a den leader using a BSA id and it said the user could not be found.

And then I tried by name and it did not work.

And then I tried with my name (CM, Unit Admin) and it also did not find my record.

The function seems to be broken.

We have confirmed that no results are returning in the search. This has been reported to the developers.

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