Unable to add Den Leader

I am unable to add the den leader to my wolf den.
She was unable to update her Scout’s information.
I had removed her privalges and was going to update them.
I am not able to re add her as the den leader.

@JuanaManley what is the users BSA # ?

134522759 is the BSA number @DonovanMcNeil

@JuanaManley Lisa is not a registered Leader - she was 3-4 years ago - but not now - she needs to register

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@DonovanMcNeil So she should be a registered leader. We did a paper application for her in March of 2020. I had submitted her application and her YPT training. She was the assistant then. I have all her documentation to prove it.

@JuanaManley tak to council - I see 3 registrations for that name and DOB - one had registrations 3-4 years ago??? So under that Name (of that BSA#) Council did not register her

at one point she had 132558141 as her BSA number
do you have any POCs for council in the National Capital Region

@JuanaManley if she was a registered leader in your unit Member Update would put her on your roster in SB - she is not registered - Sorry

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Check out your council staff page.


The person you want to call is the registrar. They can see if they ever got the application. It could have been lost. Then, it has to be resubmitted. YPT, in most councils, is good for 2 years.

@JuanaManley - so an application in March of 2020 would mean that December 2020 if not listed as a leader during recharter then it expires. If this person is not listed at my.scouting.org on the roster there then it is ended.

Thank you so much for the information!

Ha! Sorry it’s late. And I should have put 2021. I still 2020 at times. She joined in 2020 and became a leader in 2021. We submitted the application in April of 2021.

Your council registrar is the only person who can help you at this point since the application was never processed.

Well this is obviously not a scoutbook bug nor issue.

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