Unable to Connect Cubmaster to Den Chiefs

I am a Scoutmaster and have troop admin abilities in Scoutbook and I have four scouts in my troop I am trying to connect to our Pack’s Cubmaster since they are den chiefs in his pack. They are set up with the Den Chief position, assigned to the appropriate dens and show up on the pack roster, but there is no connection to the Cubmaster and he cannot invite them to events or see any of their information.

I tried to make the connection, but when I search for him by BSA number, email or both I just get the “No record found that satisfies the search criteria” error. I have never been able to successfully search for an existing leader in the connection manager. This has been an issue trying to connect merit badge counselors, but at least I can give the merit badge counselor instructions on how to manually add the scout connection on their end, but in this case the Cubmaster cannot get connected. Thank you for any help and guidance with this.

There’s no need for the Cubmaster to be connected to them. If they aren’t showing up for send messages that likely means their parents have not invited them to have access to their own account. Do the den chiefs’ parents show up under send messages?

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