Unable to connect new cub scout with existing den leader

All of a sudden I can’t search for my den leader Matt Dolan (soon to be our Cubmaster) to add him as a connection, specifically as a den leader connection, to two new kids listed in his den. No results found when searching by his name and Plainfield and Indiana and his email address. Also have tried searching using his BSA number…no results found…he is in SB as a Den leader and I can see the BSA number. He confirmed he didn’t make any profile changes, so something in the database isn’t syncing correct. I checked the roster in my.scouting.org and he is currently listed as a Den Leader, so I should be able to connect him with the new cubs. I was able to do this last year with him for his other cubs in his den.


One quirk of the search is it won’t find people already in the unit. As a den leader, he should already be connected to his children if they are in his den. Go to the connection page for the Scouts, select his name and check the Parent/Guardian checkbox.

If they are not in his den, use Connection Manager, click the intersection of his and his Scout’s names and add a connection. Then go into the Scout’s connection page, locate him and set the Parent/Guardian check box.

Thank you, I went into the Connection Manager and was able to add the connection to his new cubs that way. I was going in through the Cub and adding the connection through them, so this has helped resolve the issue. I didn’t realize I couldn’t search for someone that was already in the unit.


Make sure all of your den leaders are den admins for their dens as well. This will cause them to be automatically connected to Scouts in their dens with full control.

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