Unable to delete rank advancement in Scoutbook

One of our parents marked their son as having completed his BOR and SM conference one day before the 4 month requirement for Star. It won’t let me change the dates to reflect that the conference occurred after the 4 month period, I can’t approve the rank advancement, it is basically frozen. I am the advancement chair for the troop. I’ve asked our council for help and they have not responded. There doesn’t seem to be a delete function and it won’t let me change the dates.

Step 1: Click on the box for Star requirement 7 (SM conference) and remove the date.

Step 2: Repeat the above process for requirement 8 (board of review).

Step 3: Click on the overall Earned check box for Star rank and remove the date. You might need to remove the check boxes for “Approved/Recorded” and " Awarded" first.

Step 4: Go back and put in the correct dates.

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Thank you. This worked – had to remove the earned check box for rank first.

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