Unable to enter advancement

Hello! I sent a message to Golden Gate Area Council (GGAC) regarding my suspended access with the following information:


I am the Advancement Chair for Troop 429G and 429B in the Muir District and I was one of the parties that lost access due to the “yellow warning” next to my name.

I am trying to regain access and thought I’d email to see what was needed.

My name is Robin L Webb and my ID’s on Scoutbook are:
BSA Member ID 13030109
UserID 2655181

My ID on my.scouting.org is:
Member ID13030109

Thank you,
Robin Webb"

I received a response from Ron Fedele with GGAC with the following information:

“I cannot Find a valid BSA registration on you. Please ask your Unit Key 3 if you are registered.”

I’ve notified Jennifer Hanson, Anita Luttrell, and Martin Cortez and am unable to update any Scout records beside my own Scout.

Is there any way I can have my access restored?

Thank you,
Robin Webb

Received a response from Scoutmaster:

We emailed copies of the registration paperwork again to the admin person at the Council. I can try to followup with her again. Sometimes it takes a few tries before they are successful.

Hope you had fun at Wolfeboro.


This has been ongoing since April… I can’t access anyone except my own Scout… No Court of Honor since March as a result…

You are not a registered leader - I searched nationally - if your unit has Online applications on that might be the fastest resolution - otherwise get your copy of the application and go sit in Council office



Earlier this year, the BSA announced that starting in April, only registered adults would have access to Scouts other other than their own children with more than View Profile/View Advancement. As advancement chair for your unit, you should be registered as a committee member. Both Donovan and I have searched the various databases for your and only found the single account that you provided. This BSA Member ID has never been registered with the BSA. 24 to 48 hours after you are registered, you will be able to get more access in Scoutbook.

When you do register, if you are using a paper application, make sure you write your BSA Member ID on the application so a new number is not generated for you.

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Spoke to Council No record of receipt
Spoke to Jennifer She will resend

Ron Fedele

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Sk not really a scoutbook bug.