Need to remove google log in

Hello! My son is 13 and an Eagle and was signed up for my.scouting and Scoutbook on his own. We used his google log in and that seems to have been a mistake. It’s not letting him log in due to his age. How can we remove the google log in and set up a normal log in?

T Katt
NE Georgia, Cherokee


@JayleneKatt might need a screenshare to see it to understand it - what is Scouts BSA number?


He tried to log in and it says google won’t allow it due to age.

Is he able to log in at my.scouting?

I assume this is Scoutbook? can the scout log into if so the scout can click my account on LEFT and change to BSA Credentials and we can move from there

No neither one. Last week I got him one time info Scoutbook to then get into my.scouting. But it’s not working again. He’s trying to do training for summer camp

See if he can create a new account at my.scouting.

It brings up his current account. And an old one in Las Vegas when. Should I say none of these? I don’t want him to lose his YPT.

if the las vegas is him we can fix it

It’s a duplicate account. Nothing is in there. He was a cub. The other account is his current one with everything.

as stated we can solve it all - and get the past the google issue we do not know

Sorry I’m not understanding your last comment. Can you fix his current account?

make a new USERNAME account to the las vegas user and we can make it work - not google log in I guess

I need a resolution for the account with the google log in. It has all his history and training.

There is a third one I think - both in Bishop - but Day/Month are flipped

@JayleneKatt you can do as advised or call council - we know this system and can resolve your problem - there is no way to fix that account but there are ways to remedy it.

the Scout has another login I can fix that first

Sure- if you are telling me you can fix it please do! If you can fix one and merge them. Just sharing I wanted to be sure he doesn’t lose anything. Love to have a new user name and password.

try username Kitt[Lastname]575 - or try reset password for it

We got in to my scouting