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Unable to mark my child's advancements

About a year and a half ago, I lost access to my daughter’s scoutbook account to mark her advancements and all her logs were deleted. Her den leader would sign off so it wasn’t an issue. However this year since we are working virtually I’m needing to be able to access her account. Currently she’s not showing up on my scoutbook account, but the issues change every time there is an update, such as not being able to save, etc. Her pack leaders directed me here. How can I get help with this?


I show that you are connected to a Scout with first initial B as Parent/Guardian. Do you see her when you go to My Dashboard → Administration in Scoutbook?

For the last two months, no. I can only see my training, but she is no longer showing on my dashboard.


I sent yo a private message so we can collect information we need to investigate. Click on the purple circle with white A in the upper right of the forum window.

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