Unable to search for adults

Trying to assign Merit Badge Counselor to Scout and unable to search for an Adult. Everyone I search for returns the same message. This has been happening at least since Friday for me.

Try searching by email address or BSA ID if you have it.

If the person is already connected to the scout (e.g. as a MBC for another badge, or as an adult leader in the unit), go to the scout’s connections and try setting the MBC connection (and assign the relevant badge) there.

First guess is the user is already connected so it fails - it DOES seem to be failing for emails currently - Names and BSA# work though


Tried again. Confirmed that the adult is not connected. Tried a last name search. Failed with the same message that I posted.

BSA ID and email seems to work for me. Names are failing.


There’s nothing like consistent failure modes. :^)

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