Unable to set permissions for an adult leader

I am not sure if this will help but you could try. In Scoutbook, click on Roster. Look at the very bottom of this page, on the left side, you should see where it says Connections Manager. Click on this. You should be able to quickly adjust connections for Scouts and Adults.

How do I post my own questions on this forum??? I am unable to add an additional parent to our Scouts account. I get a message saying that there is a user with the same first and last name. I am unable to add a registered leader to our unit (moving from a pack to our troop) because it says No record found that satisfies the search criteria.

Same here. I am the committee chair. I can not give any adult anything but view advancement and profile. I cannot even change an existing permission. Possible due to the upgrade on March 1st or 8th.

Another one here - I am a Troop Admin for my unit in Scoutbook, and cannot use Connections Manager to do any bulk connection updates other than:

  • erase all non-parent connections
  • set a registered leader or parent of a youth to “View Profile” on all youth
  • set a registered leader or parent of a youth to “View Advancement” and “View Profile” on all youth

As @JenniferOlinger noted above, the bug has been reported to the developers. The folks on these discussion groups (e.g. SUAC) do not set, nor can they provide, the timelines or priorities for bug fixes (as in this case) or for feature additions.

The best way to stay on top of the status of a bug is to subscribe to the change logs for the various interfaces. One description of how to do do is in this post: Adding and Updating Profile Picture - #12 by CharleyHamilton

This WORKED!!! Was able to add individually. Weird that connections were made with our treasurer for only 3 of the 6 AOLs we transferred in but had to go in individually to set the last 3! Thanks for the suggestion.

I am the COR for my troop. I am unable to add permissions for an adult leader in scoutbook. He is listed as my advancement chair in my.scouting.
Great Rivers Council
5 Rivers District
Troop 22
ID # 137257627

I am also unable to add permissions to key leaders for the scouts in scoutbook.
And I am unable to see the new scouts in scoutbook that were added within the past two years.

Can you confirm you are listed on the roster at my.scouting as the COR? Bonus would be to check the BSA I’d you have in Scoutbook vs the one listed in my.scouting roster showing you as COR.

Hello Jennifer, is there any ETA on when this will be fixed? I have 66+ Scouts with 40 leaders and only a couple of us are Admin with full permission…otherwise all the others can only view and aren’t able to update rank or other items in SB.


We are unable to say when this issue will be fixed. The most we can say is the developers are aware of the issue.