Unable to Sync New Scout from BSA Roster to ScoutBook

I’ve been working with our NCAC District to try to get a New Scout into Scout Book from BSA Roster since late Oct 2022 without success. At this point, they have tried everything and don’t have any other options that they can think of, so they told me to ask for help here.

Current issue is that the Scout, Corbin (BSA ID 14532379), is in our BSA Roster, but is not sync-ing down to ScoutBook.

Long History (October 2022)
When Corbin joined, unfortunately his dad, Jarrod, was showing up as both the Scout and the Parent in ScoutBook. In BSA Roster, the Jarrod (Dad) was showing up as 37 years old, eagle scout and in the Lion Den, while the Scout as 6 years old with an unassigned den.

Then we started Recharter, and got an error for “Leaders are less than 18 years”. In recharter BSA Roster, Corbin, Scout, showed up as the Adult with position as Lion Adult Partner AND as the YOUTH with position as Youth Member. The dad, Jarrod, did not show up.

We went back and forth several times trying to fix things. Also, the dad, Jarrod, had two (2) BSA IDs. One was associated to the NCAC District and the other was associated to W D Boyce 138 council. NCAC district tried different things and we are here now asking for help.

Here is some info:
Corbin (scout) : 14532379
Jarrod (dad) when he was a Scout: 7933292 W D Boyce 138, Peoria, IL; Heartland District
Jarrod (dad) : 14430772 from NCAC, Virginia
Lisa (mom) : 14430773

Just a note. Looking back at my emails I found two (2) notes from NCAC District:
Note 1 : it looked like the dad’s BSA ID got crossed between the districts.
Note 2 : We have added Jarrod with BSA ID 14430772 as Tiger Cub Adult Partner and as father of Corbin.

Any Help Greatly Appreciated as this has been going on for months without a resolution.

Thanks. Later…

Wayne Lau
Pack 998
Leesburg, VA

@WayneLau advise council to check SB Adult Status next time on scout account - I think all should be good now

@DonovanMcNeil . The scout showed up in SB. That was amazing!!! What did you go to fix the issue?

Scout account was flagged as an adult (as you indicated) I changed the flag - advise your council to look for that

Thank You Very Much!!!

How can I get name capitalization corrected? Scout 14425884. I had the council update the name but it does not carry over.

@StevenMazza it should have worked - I fixed it and reported it

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