Unable to undo approved adventure

downloaded latest version of this extension after the bug fix on May 11 and it shows status as
“updating 1 of 10” and goes all the way to “updating 10 of 10” and the alert disappears but nothing changes.

i’m unable to manually edit as well. this is what I see

I removed the over

@HassanAli What is the Scout’s BSA member number?

here it is 137195335

When you ran the tool, what options did you select? i.e. for all users, for just the one, all dates, the specific date, completed and approved or approved, etc.

Also when you manually tried - did you simply remove the Approved checkbox and NOT remove the date, and save first?

I think this Scout is registered in 2 councils.

@JenniferOlinger yes - you are correct - in both Longhorn and Circle Ten. @HassanAli I’ll bet the Scout has a yellow caution icon next to his name on the Roster - is that correct? He is in Scoutbook in your Council (Longhorn) but his Member ID belongs to Circle Ten.

It looks like they did not transfer him, but instead created a new membership.

Since he is not on your roster correctly - that may be causing issues with Approvals. You can verify that by editing the Adventure and seeing if you have the Approval box present. If it is not there, then that registration is the issue.

@GaryFeutz when I try to remove the date I don’t see the approval box, please see the screenshot above, is that what you were referring, to verify ?

@JenniferOlinger thank you, yes, he was supposed to get transferred from Circle Ten to Longhorn, let me reach out to longhorn.

by any chance do you guys know what will be the likely action to resolve this issue and will that be from Longhorn or Circle Ten?

@HassanAli here is the issue your Charter has decided (long ago) to have a pack with the same number in each council. There are only a handful of scouts in Both Units, like this scout. That does lead to Scoutbook problems. The Key 3 from both packs really should get together and make a policy.

@HassanAli The missing Approval box confirms the issue. You cannot approve or un-approve advancements for a Scout who’s account is not on your roster. The account can be switched to your council - but - they system may switch it back.

Scoutbook is not designed to support a Scout registered in two Councils with a single Scoutbook account.

You have two choices:

  1. End the membership in one Council, so it becomes a true transfer. To do this - talk to your Scout’s parents, then to your Council registrar, and explain that your Scout should have been transferred.
  2. Keep the membership in both, work with us to create a second Scoutbook account. The advantage of this is for communication purposes only between both Packs if he wishes to retain membership in both. The disadvantage of this is that advancements earned in one Council will not be reflected in the other Council. This does a disservice to the Scout.

@HassanAli I have updated the Scout’s BSA member number and council in Scoutbook. However, this might be a temporary fix, as Gary said.

thank @JenniferOlinger looks like council need to fix this.

we don’t want him to be part of two councils.

I’ve reached out to Longhorn council registrar, waiting for her guidance.

I truly appreciate the insights and guidance @GaryFeutz @JenniferOlinger @DonovanMcNeil

@HassanAli well I talked to Stacy today - they and Circle 10 registrars never understood what your pack decided to do. The real answer is with your charter unit I believe

@HassanAli I would recommend waiting for the overnight membership update process to run, and try again tomorrow.

If the Scout is no longer with the other pack, you could also end his den membership with the other den.

Thank you :pray:

I’m not sure what it means when you say the answer is with the charter unit.

When we request for a transfer, is there anything specific we have to mention besides saying that the cub need to be moved out of circle 10 and move to longhorn ?

As a leader this is the first case of transfer I’m dealing with


@HassanAli it is rather complex - I am in Longhorn - Your pack is 2 separate units in 2 councils - and the packS have chosen to do this. I would advise choosing one council and sticking with that one.

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