Unable to update email address

We had a grandmother who was the 3rd parent for one of our cubs. She decided to join our committee and ended up having both the manually created parent account and her committee membership synced from my.scouting exist at the same time. On the my.scouting roster her email is correct but it shows in scoutbook as changemyemail@scoutbook.com. I deleted the manually created account we had associated with the scout but every time I try to updated her email to the correct one I get an error of " Email: This email address already exists under another account."

what is the BSA # @JoshuaNorrick ?

Her BSA Member# is 14082309

the email is on Jeff’s account - I assume the father? No connections

Jeff is the grandfather. They signed the scout up with him as the adult lion partner because he was going to bring him to meetings and they used Grandmas home email. Now our scout is with mom on our meeting nights. Grandma has both her work and personal emails listed on my.scouting. She would like to use her work email as her scoutbook email and that is the one that is showing the error.

OK this is fixed @JoshuaNorrick

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EXCELLENT!!! Thank you so much.

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