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Unit Advancement Chair Not recording

@JenniferRiffle try something else for me please and report back:

Log into scoutbook
Use the Internet Advancement link there
See if the actions work
Log out of scoutbook
Close browser
Relaunch then go direct to Internet Advancement (

See if this solves the UAC issue for you

The user logged into, then selected the Legacy Web Tools, IA 2.0. She was successfully re-directed to with no error, she then logged out, closed the browser and logged into directly and did not get an error. Honestly I am not 100% sure she was having an issue originally but what was described here she did describe to me once before so I wasn’t sure. Either way her account is working properly.

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@AaronStorey that is good info to confuse the developers (LOL) I will pass it on. :+1:

Donovan: I’m curious why you specified these steps:
“Log into scoutbook”
(Assume to get SSO credentials confirmed)

“Use the IA2 link there”
(Assume as the SSO credentials, this is the preferred way to authenticate to IA2)

“See if actions work”
(To establish status)

“Log out of scoutbook”
(Confusing… what about logging out of IA2 as well?)

“Close browser”
(Not sure exactly what this might do, can you explain?)

“Relaunch [browser] then go direct to IA2 via”
(Has something changed? I thought the recommended method was to always first prime your SSO credentials by going to Scoutbook login first?)
(Has this advice changed? Was this only for JenniferRiffle? Or should we be using direct
logins to IA2 now, instead of first routing through Scoutbook?)

What was found by the developers? What was fixed?

Thanks for any more details you can provide.

Honestly, this is so confusing to users. You warn then, “If you are a Scoutbook using unit, DO NOT USE IA2” then turn right around and say, If you want to use IA2, login to Scoutbook first!
And the web URL for IA2, is “” <-- Really?!

@GanttEdmiston it is something a SUAC member found playing around is all

I am also getting an error that does not allow me to update or edit advancements. I am the troop Advancements chair, and my committee chair verified that I am listed correctly as advancements chair and as a key 3 delegate. The “Record Advancement” button is grayed out. I am not very tech savvy, so I am a bit lost on the list of "log off, log on list of steps. I have logged in and off several times with not change of access. I appreciate any assistance. - Melissa