Unit Paid Membership Renewal Batches

I (Key-3) paid my renewal before I realized that I can pay for our troop’s renewal all together.

Under Roster, I checked the box beside each scout’s name that I want to renew and I did not check my name.
Under Membership Renewal Orders, my name shows up as a yes - paid and everyone else’s name has a no - not paid.
Unit Paid Membership Renewal Batches, my name is first and it says No - not paid. I click on the + by my name to open up the batch and beside my name is 10 (number of orders), but it should be 9 since I have already paid. I clicked on ‘Go to Payment’ thinking that I could change something there, but I can’t.

How do I renew 9 scouts and not myself? I have also clicked on ‘Opt out of automatic renewal’ for myself and it gives me a ‘conflict’ error.

Any suggestions?
Thank you, Chris

@ChristinaSarber_Shof call Council and talk to registrar would be my advice - it is all new and seems to be changing often