Units Not Showing in Scouting.org/BeAScout

Our Council’s charters expired on 12-31. The lapsed period was extended to 3-31. Units successfully rechartered in March are not showing in BeAScout in Scouting.org. When can they be expected to show in BeAScout?

I think it took ours a day or 2 to show backup. How long has it been? You are sure their charters are posted?

Three units were posted on March 8,11, &15. They show in Commissioner Tools as being posted.

There was a question / issue earlier on that units showed as posted (in the total in Commissioner Tools), but weren’t POSTED. What we could piece together (by no means confirmed sources) that after a council posted a charter, national still did something. It would be interested, but maybe make no difference, if one of the units could confirm they actually have their charter PDF in my.scouting. While interesting, it may not be worth the time. Too bad we can’t get authoritative answers on some of these things.

First check in the Roster tool to see if they were, in fact processed with new expiration dates.

All 3 units show a 12-31-2022 expiration date in both Roster and Commissioner Tools.

I sent to a private message. Click on the large L in the circle in the upper right, and the envelope to see it.