Update (FR): Restrict ability to "Earn" Merit Badges until prerequisite MBs are earned

User Journey: I want to have the overall merit badge approval prevent earning an award if a prerequisite merit badge has not been earned and approved in Scoutbook.


  1. Ability to have the system search for prerequisite merit badge approval when that merit badge is required for a different merit badge. Affected merit badges are Emergency Preparation requires First Aid, Whitewater requires Canoeing or Kayaking, and Lifesaving requires Swimming).
  2. Ability for the system to review records of merit badge approvals prior to allowing an authorized approver to approve a merit badge for a scout and prevent the approver from inputting approval if the following conditions are not met: For Emergency Preparation merit badge, the system must verify the First Aid merit badge is already earned, for the Whitewater merit badge the system must verify the canoeing and/or kayaking merit badges are already earned, and for the Lifesaving merit badge the system must verify the Swimming merit bade is already earned.
  3. Ability to have a popup message appear when an authorized approver seeks to approve a merit badge and the conditions for prerequisite merit badges is not met that tells the approver the scout has not met prerequisite merit badge approvals to earn this merit badge.

that is a good idea and we have similar implementation for other things like 7 MBs for Star - just need to find all instances.

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