Update Scoutbook Scout Email Address

Scout was set-up in Scoutbook as cub and has now moved to Scouts BSA. How do we update his profile to include the scouts email address? Parent and I do not see a field under Scout Profile.

Only the parents would normally see an option to invite the scout to connect. The process is here: Scoutbook Tutorial for Parents (SB) | Scoutbook Knowledge Base

If the parent is still not seeing it, please post the scout’s BSA ID and parent’s BSA ID or User ID (no names needed) so SUAC can investigate further.

If the parents do not see an option to invite the Scout and thus add an e-mail address on the Scout’s Edit Profile page, the Scout has already been invited to Scoutbook and logged in at least one time.

The unit can check this by going to Send Message for the unit. If the Scout’s name appears in the Scout column, there is already an e-mail address for the Scout in Scoutbook.

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