Updating Rank Completion Date for Eagle BOR

Somehow, a rank completion date was entered prior to the 4 month Star Required wait period after First Class. The Star Rank should have been completed on 11/18/2019. I am trying to fix this and I am getting multiple error messages and it will not allow me to update the Star Rank to after 11/18/2019.

This is causing this Scouts Eagle BOR to be held up and they are requesting that we fix this date. I already know that fixing dates is a “no, no” but this Scout cannot move forward with his BOR until this is fixed.

I tried removing the date, updating the rank date, updating the Star BOR date, everything I have tried has come up with a date validate error message. I am not even sure how SB allowed this date to be entered in the first place as I have not seen this during my tenor.

Thank you
Yours in Scouting,
Brandi Casey
Advancement Chair

Unapprove/Complete the highest ranks first and back track to where you need to correct @BrandiCasey


thank you so much !! That worked !!

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