Upload failed, cant remove bad file

Attempting to import (from trooptrack) a large number of advancements. First attempt to upload I found two scouts had a tab character in front of their BSA id in the export. I fixed this and attempted a new upload. Note: Data is Pipe delimited and in the same format/sequence that uploaded correctly in July.

I get a warning that there are pending uploads and nothing will be processed until I remove the pending uploads.

“Due to an encountered error, please be sure to cancel any remaining pending files and re-upload them for processing.”

Roster->History indicates no pending uploads with filters set to show all.

That warning just shows from a bug before - if none are pending just proceed @BillMadden

I have tried, it wont process the good file it uploads and turns green in the newish interface and then I don’t get the data. and it doesnt show as pending in history like it used to. @DonovanMcNeil

Reference this post where National had to fix something, similar issues with no history displayed

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@BillMadden Was your issue resolved? I am having the same problem and getting no help. If it was resolved, how did you do it?