User with multiple logins and ids

My Webelos Den Leader is not showing up in Scout Book.

The USER ID# I have for him in is 110209478 he is showing to be YPT trained and with an accurate profile.
But when I go to add him on Scoutbook it pulls up his ID# but then when I go to edit his profile it says an account already exists with the pulled over e-mail address.
When he goes to login in using the same e-mail he is directed to an account with the BSA Member #:12744215 and Userid# 2309725

But when I view his parent profile on Scout book he is showing a BSA ID# of 136673905
And User ID# of 2309725

And in his Scoutbook he seems to be in a completely different council.

Please help!

@DanielWhitehouse This should be fixed now.

He should log in to Scoutbook with his my.scouting username and password – not his e-mail.

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