Validating Email and Phone Numbers at Recharter

At Recharter, does your unit validate that the email address and phone number listed for adults are both accurate? In my role as the District Training Chair I’ve struggled to reach some Scouters, and honestly don’t know if their information is correct. I’ve seen at least one instance where all of the registered adults in a unit used the same email address, presumably because they didn’t want to “expose” their own. While this may not be a requirement per se, it should be something that all units do when rechartering.

Since that information can be updated self-service at any time, it’s not in the recharter process. If you find information that is wrong though, unit key 3 as well as the member themself can help correct it. It used to be that commissioners had access too, but I’ve found that permission denied. Whether that’s a bug or a change in policy, I do not know.

Unit Key 3 Delegates (K3Ds) can also update e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Absolutely. Unfortunately, until you know that the phone number or email is outdated, there is nothing to update. I have had to try multiple times to reach an adult, and the only way it was resolved was pulling in the Key 3 and asking them to resolve it. By validating this information at recharter it eliminates some of the flailing around when an adult needs to update training such as YPT.

You could print a roster at recharter time and ask everyone to check their contact information and update if necessary. Just because it is not part of the recharter process does not mean you can’t do it at recharter time.


Ed, agreed. I’m not concerned with the details of the process (although your suggestion looks like a good idea), but just that the information be validated.