"Warning, another user is using the same e-mail address. If this is unexpected, contact your local council or post to the Using Scoutbook Forum"

Does anyone know what the heck this means. I didn’t think it was possible for there to be people with identical email addresses in SB.

There was a change made a while ago that allowed for the same address to be used on multiple accounts. You’re right that in the past it wasn’t possible.

Likely what it means is one of the following:

  • You have more than one account
  • Your email address is also assigned to the account for one or more of your kids
  • Your email address is also assigned to your spouse

If you post just the associated BSA ID (no names needed), the SUAC folks can probably look it up and provide more information on what’s going on.

It looks like your scout, E, had your email address. I have removed it.

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