Warning another user using same email address

I have the same issue, as well as my name listed twice (though once mis-spelled) as the parent of one of my scouts. It appears perhaps I have two scouting profiles, although this is the active/correct one:

SB User ID:

BSA Member ID:

@ReidSorenson yes it is a name mis-spelling I saw it on your other post - fixed

Same thing for me. I just transferred to a new Pack.

Member ID: 14573209
New Council: Black Hills Area Council


@ThomasShallue THIS IS FIXED

My account is saying this error. About another user using account with my email. It showed up after a mom sent me a message saying she was connecting her scout to me and created an account.
Bsa number 12474605

Also- when I click on a scout and a merit badge to mark things off, it automatically goes back to home page where it wants me to click on my dashboard and connections.

Will not let me approve scouts work I am working with.

@LizHartman Your duplicate Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

With regard to the merit badge, there is a new bug. The developers have been notified of the bug.

After a moving to a new district, I have the duplicate user problem. Please merge my users.

SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

@ThadMichael You have 2 Scoutbook userIDs because you have active registrations in 2 different councils.

Do you still need to keep the Scoutbook userID with the Nova Counselor position active?

I don’t know why the other council has maintained my registration. I do not need the userID with the Nova Counselor position. Thank you.

Thank you!
In regards to not being able to sign off requirments. It looks like it is only doing this for scouts not in our troop. Just figured I would pass on that but if information, in case it helps them figure it out.

@ThadMichael , The BSA® national council, councils in the field, and chartered organizations are for the most part legally separate organizations with separate groups of membership numbers that are managed separately.

@ThadMichael Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Same issue: BSA Member ID 133813003. Happened after turning in my merit badge counselor application

Both my son and I have the same error messages:

(1) Myself:

SB User ID: 9795306
BSA Member ID: 133196222

(2) My son:

SB User ID:7151341
BSA Member ID: 133196221

Please kindly help.

Dr. Le

I received the warning today. My SB User ID is 10602571. Your help with this is greatly appreciated!

I too have the warning about another user with the same e-mail. I’m also assigned to Pack 4 on the East cost by mistake. I live in Nebraska. How do I get Pack 4 removed from my Scoutbook?

SB User ID:


BSA Member ID:


@MelodyNell this is fixed

@AnthonyLe this is fixed

@CarolMarks this is fixed

@SarahByrne email is fixed - just put an end date on wrong pack