Warning message about another user with same email

The issue may have occurred when I signed up 2 of my scouts, and was unaware how to sign up my account once, and then add the 2nd scout through the pack signup link I was given. @JodieGaugh
Please let me know what the internal issue is, and how you resolve it. Thanks.

I think this duplicate email address is also related to a side issue I am having: I get 2 email reminders for Events for each reminder that goes out. Maybe the removal of my email on a 2nd account will clear up this issue.

I am also getting this message.

@JasonKovacs this is fixed

@AmandaEvans1 this is fixed

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I am experiencing this issue as well with my personal account.

I also have another parent (BSA 14356670 and BSA 14240012) who ended up with two accounts. I’m not sure if that happened when I was trying to connect them as another parent to a scout (BSA 14356669), which I was also unsuccessful at doing. Can those be merged and the connection made?

I am also getting this message (erin huband: SB User ID: 1099478, BSA Member ID:13169610). In addition, my older son is listed in two troops, one of which is completely inactive now.

@JonathanZitelman accounts and email is fixed - parents or admins can make a parent connection for you

@ErinHuband that is fixed

@DonovanMcNeil (sorry this gets away from the original topic a bit) I am an admin and tried to make the connection. I found the existing individual in the search, selected them and checked parent/guardian. The only option is to “Invite” but upon doing so, I receive errors requesting Gender, First, Last, etc. even though those fields disappear upon selecting the existing user.

@JonathanZitelman this is fixed

Wonderful! Now can you please see why I get two emails for every scoutbook event, one in the correct time zone and one in a wrong one? (I can’t find the right forum for this question, so please feel free to direct me to the right one.)

Your email was applied to your scouts account - might want to check the zip codes

We have a parent who has 3 scouts in the pack. She is connected to the two older boys. When her youngest joined it set up a new account.

Now she gets a warning that there are 2 users with the same email. How do we fix? This is the info for the youngest scout


BSA Member ID:


@AmandaGraham this is fixed - the user needs to use username to log in - NOT email

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