Was recharter supposed to open today?

The graphic said 10/1 which is why I and some others got confused

Screenshot 2022-10-01 at 10-48-35 2022 Internet Recharter Guide and Timeline - 2022-December-Unit-Recharter-Timeline.pdf

Please contact your council for information on rechartering.

Don’t worry about it for a few days if you have a 12/31 expiration. I believe the technicality is that recharter opens 90 days prior and through some miscommunications and miscalculations, that first date got distorted. If it’s not showing up by 10/4, that’s when I’d follow up with your council. I’ve heard 10/2 in the commissioner impact session on recharter but if 90 days is the amount, it’d actually be 10/3 since October and December are both 31 days so you’d have to offset by 2 days.

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