What's Next to Prepare for Recharter Season?

So what’s next in terms of recharter prep? Well it’s time to start verifying access to the system, ensure the unit begins to collect recharter fees, capture all questions and issues, and make sure your membership inventory is complete! Our recharter timeline can be found here, and a wealth of resources linked to this post as well:

Tomorrow is the big day for those that recharter on 12/31, no?

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Just a couple more days - 10/2/22

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The timeline says Oct 1st and confused at least one other person - see the main forums.

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10/2 was communicated in the commissioner impact session on recharter. However, they also said it’s 90 days prior to expiration, so that’d be 10/3. Point is, I’d give it a few days before concern.

I think it is missing the communicated date on the recharter timeline that causes the issue. This should be taken into account next year. It doesn’t help the overall process to say one thing, and do something else.

Planned date and software implementation dates


I think we are discussing two different types of dates.
I suspect the tool implementation is people based (work schedule) an often may be the first non-holiday workday after the start of the planned period.

I suggest keeping the documentation clear and not trying to make the dates the same.

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No. What I am pointing out is that it says Oct 1, internet recharter opens. It didn’t. That hurts credibility. Before we are even starting they are down. That could have easily said what ever date they wanted it to be. If it says Oct 1st, and they knew it would be the 2, 3rd, or 4th, why didn’t they put that? If I told my boss I would be done on Oct 1, I need to be done on Oct 1. Not “the next business day”.

We have different points of view.


Good morning @Bill_W , @Matt.Johnson , @brantgurga , @RobertFish can I first start off by saying great catch! You are right the inforgraphic had a mistake that we are working to correct. Our apologies for the confusion regarding this implementation date but we do have confirmation that the system should open today 10/2/22 for charters ending on December 31, 2022.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as fellow volunteers!