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Webelos move to a troop

How do I move the new AOL webelos to the troop scout book page ?

See Transitioning From Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts – Bridging with Scoutbook or you can wait until your council processes the transfer paperwork. The Scouts will move in Scoutbook the day after they appear on the unit roster in Member Manager at

I have a few more questions after reading the link that @edavignon provided.

  1. How does the Cub Scout Admin will give Full control connection rights to this scout to the Boy Scout Admin? The Scouts BSA Admin isn’t in the Cub Scout roster?

  2. Does this link need to be updated? I thought I learned today in another thread that as the Scoutbook pack Admin, I cannot removes the connections from the Pack leaders? At least I’ve been trying and can’t.

  3. Are there best practices for how to dissolve the AOL Den in Scoutbook? Is it as simple as our Pack Admin editing the Den Leader’s Positions and Roles as Den Admin and Den Leader with an end date?

  4. Is there any harm/consequences for having connections to boys who crossed over to Scouts BSA and the Troop Admin hasn’t removed the connections to Pack Leaders? For example, we have boys who crossed over in 2018 and when we went through the database transition over the holidays in 2018-19, the boys ended up getting added back into our Cub Scout Pack roster without dens. I can see in their memberships they are members of the Scouts BSA Troop, but I and all of the other Cub Scout leaders are still connected to them.

This step is no longer necessary. As soon as the Scout is moved into the Troop the Troop admins are automatically connected.

You cannot remove parents or admins but you can remove any other leader that is connected to the Scout. The easiest way is to use the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox. Go to Connection Manager and click on the Scout’s name then clear all the check boxes. Any connections that can be broken will be broken.

Remove all of the Scouts and leaders from the den (end leadership positions) then go to the Edit link on the den page and click Disapprove Den. The next time you log in it will be removed from the list.

There is no harm but it does tend to make the My Connections page longer than it needs to be. The Scouts were moved back to your unit during the database transition because the registrar had not moved them off of your roster in ScoutNET. Going forward the only time a Scout will be affected by Member Update is when the record changes in ScoutNET which will typically be recharter time or when a Scout transfers to another unit.

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