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Weird Connection Behavior since May 7 Update

OK, here’s a weird one…
The latest update to Scoutbook corrected the number of connections reported for a user. Now I can see how Scoutbook came up with the number of connections I have, since it’s now showing connections to other adults in my unit (whether that’s the correct thing to do or not is an unrelated discussion). So, I can see that I have 56 connections – 23 adults and 33 youth.

I’m a unit admin and Key 3. If I go to the unit roster, I can edit the profile of anyone (adult or youth) associated with our unit. That’s unchanged, and seems to be working fine. But, if I look in my connections page, it says I have “view profile” only access to the adults in the unit, and if I click on one of the adult names from this screen, it boots me out of Scoutbook, and prevents me from logging back in to that page – I have to go to the main Scoutbook page to log back in.

So, 1) which is the correct functionality? As a unit admin should I have “edit profile” access to adults in the unit, or “view profile” access? IMHO, “edit profile” is appropriate for unit admins.
2) Clicking on the wrong link in Scoutbook should not boot a user out with no explanation of what happens. If I have “view profile” for another person, clicking on their name should allow me to view their profile. It should not boot me out of Scoutbook with no explanation, and make it difficult to log back in to it.

Steve - I have noticed the very same thing. Click on an adult in the list and bounced.

Scoutbook is not supposed to connect adults to adults as there is no provision for this. It is a data issue in the database. It is going to be cleaned up after hours.

Weird thing is, it finally makes the number of connections Scoutbook has been reporting for months add up…


Yesterday’s change fixed other connection issues. Once the data fix is applied tonight the true connections and counts should be shown.

OK, that’s fixed. I now show 23 scouts and no adults in my connections screen.


I have one youth that aged out and became an ASM for our troop. Now he shows up as a youth in the other adults’ connection manager, and as an adult in the roster. Both instances have the same BSA ID number, and other info appears to be the same.

Is this ASM perhaps still a youth participant in a crew or ship?

I don’t think so. He’s still on the executive committee for our OA Lodge. I don’t know if he’s technically in a crew to maintain that position or not.

So this one leader shows in others as a scout but does not show to you? and you were connected before?

Not exactly… He shows up to me as a youth in my connections list, but he shows up on our roster as an adult leader. His BSA ID is the same in both places. If I look at his profile from my connections page, it’s a scout profile, showing his rank and merit badges, with the note “Ryan has not been matches to a scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council”. If I look at his profile from the troop roster, it’s the normal adult leader profile, just showing his current and prior positions.

I’m not sure how he’s showing up for other leaders in our troop, since I just saw this behavior starting this morning.

can you get to his membership? or positions? (pages that is)

Yep. Here’s what I see from the roster:

Here’s what I see from my connections page:


There were some recent changes to allow 18-20 year olds to be a leader in a Troop or Pack while being listed as a member of a Crew or Ship. I wonder if there is an issue with this change when the individual is not registered in a Crew or Ship. We will investigate further.