What does this error message mean? organizationGuid

Trying to add an existing member and I get the following error: MemberId should be from the same council of the organizationGuid in the request.

This existing member (bsa id# 128680293) is part of our organization and is in our Scoutbook, but for some reason is not in the recharter roster.

Some additional context: I was able to add this member just fine before, but I had an unrelated issue that was resolved by resetting my Pack’s charter roster. Now, starting over, I can’t add this member. So probably related? Thank you.

This adult is currently registered as a Merit Badge Counselor in a different council from you. I do not see any current registrations for him with any units (packs / troops).

So does he need to fill out an application and I add him as a new member?

@DustinJones - any and all adult leaders need to fill out an adult application subject to charter org approval and submitted to local council. This is how it has always been.

A simple yes would’ve sufficed. But thank you.

@DustinJones - I would have liked just typing yes but there is a 24 character minimum. Beyond that it needs to be stated and stated often as it seems many do not understand the process.

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As I stated above, I was able to add him just fine before the roster was reset because of a completely unrelated issue. It’s hard to understand a process that varies upon unknowable magical variables.

I’m just trying to get this recharter submitted my man, I can do without the condescension.