What permission do I need

What permissions do I need to enable the detailed report button? Currently, I receive this message “You are about to preview OLR Detailed Scouts BSA Advancement Report.” If I click confirm I receive this “Authorization failed (-2).”

I’m currently the district advancement chair as well as a member of the council advancement committee BSA ID# 125939484

Wow, so I guess I’m not going to get an answer here. Where do I turn now? Hello anyone out there?

@RonaldBlaisdell ??? do you know?

As far as I know, that is only available to Key 3. But as that is a new report, I will double check and ask.

Thanks @RonaldBlaisdell - those that cannot use it should not see it

@RichardHall I had folks at National go in as you and they were able to access the report. It could have been that you were logged in longer than 25 minutes (which is the timeout) and that is why you could not access the report. I suggest you try again. Make sure you have cleared your cache, and go straight to the report in the Roster tool, and see if that doesn’t work for you.

The problem is not that the report does not work the problem is if you click on the Detailed Report button I am unable to access this report I receive the Authorization failed (-2) message.

Okay - I have updated them again. You did clear cache, correct?

@RichardHall IDG has requested that you open a Help Desk ticket through your Council on this issue.

Did you try an incognito window?

Done. about four days ago.

Do you have that ticket number?

HD-444294 This is the ticket number

Thank you - I have passed that along.

They say they resync my account but that has accomplished none thing, not sure they really understand what I asking.

I finally havee some developers looking at the issue. No ETA. But at least I got them to look into it.


@RichardHall a new release was posted last night, please check to see if this issue was resolved.

The detailed report works but what I’m trying to find (which was in the old unit detail report) was how many citizenship in Society merit badges have been earned in the district.

Can you please upload your report here, so we can see it?

District Dineen 11.02.21.BSAP.xlsx (20.3 KB)

The very end of this report lists the number of each merit badge earned. Where can I find this same data now?