What Permissions are required for certain positions?

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What permissions should be given to the following positions?

-Youth Protection Champion
-Committee Member

I’m new to advancements and I’ve been poking around Scoutbook and have noticed several strange things. There are several adult leaders in our troop who have “Full Permission” for some, if not all, scouts in our troop … but their position in the troop doesn’t justify having that level of access to the scouts’ personal information.

Will you help me know if any of the above positions require having Full Permission to a scout’s Scoutbook profile?


If they are registered leader everyone In my unit will always have full access. It helps with advancement and trip planning or just needing a phone number.

It is up to each unit.

The treasurer needs full control to use Payment Log.

I give my ASMs Edit Advancement. Committee members not involved in advancement get View Advancement.

Parents have non-revivable full control of their children. You should educate parents not to check the leader approved box for their children unless their role in the unit allows approval.


@BenjaminWard you are wrong there

As @edavignon noted, it’s largely up to your unit how permissions are assigned.

Keep in mind that some tasks require “elevated” permissions (of one form or another) to execute. So, I would have a discussion with the committee and SM about what access folks need to execute tasks the unit expects them to perform. It may not always be as straightforward as it seems, since some access is role-based (e.g. Committee Secretary can edit calendars by default, but not ASMs without elevated permissions such as an admin role).


I am going disagree. As long as they are registered. I have no issues with having full access to all leaders. Now most of my leadership is not as tech savvy as I and usually just defer to me to run the reports that are wanted.

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@BenjaminWard But it is not by default is all I was saying.

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I Understand better now.

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