What permissions do I need to run the needs awarding and needs approving reports?

I am the unit advancement chair for my pack. I need to be able to run the needs awarding and needs approving reports for the entire pack. Currently, I only see my own sons. What permission or role do I need to request from my cubmaster?

A Key 3 needs to go to my.scouting.org > Roster > functional Roles/Positions > and make you UAC there - then you will also be admin in SB and ready to go

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Thanks for the quick response. On the pack roster, I am showing as Committee Member and Unit Advancement Chair. Does that mean that the step above has already been performed, or is that an additional step?

Scoutbook roster means very little - the steps outlined above are the best route

Ok, thanks. I will asked to have the steps performed as you described.

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