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WHAT?! "Scout Not Matched With A Scout in Your Council, Contact Council"

Got this from an Advancement Chair today. Just speaking as the Council person they call, if they’re going to put this message on here, it sure would be nice if someone actually told us ahead of time what to do when people call!!! Frustrating.

From Adv Chr: I suddenly can’t enter advancement data for Jovi. This is the message I see. “Jovian has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.”

This Scout was previously rolling along just fine before and has other advancements entered via SB. I have made no changes to this Scout/Troop roster from the Council side. So, does anyone know what this means and how do I fix it???

First guess is they changed patrols and did not approve new membership. So one of their admins needs to go to scouts membership and make sure it’s approved

Or if it is approved (green shield), uncheck the position approved box, click update, go back in, check position approved, and click update again.

Thank you, I’ve given her both suggestions and she will let me know. She doesn’t think there has been any patrol changes so she will try Jacob’s suggestion as soon as she confirms that.

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