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Where did the links to my child go

Troop isn’t impressed with scoutbook but son’s pack had it and it’s a great way to track advancement etc. The New scout book that appears gone? I can’t find anything like the old my child or advancement links.

@TimothyDolan What do you see under my dashboard > administration > my family? Is he there?

Also, are you a registered leader? Are you logging in with my.scouting credentials or your email address?

Was fine, I’m an ASM, all that stuff appears to have disappeared with the “upgrade”

Are you logging in with your email address of my.scouting username? I think chances are good you have a duplicate account.

No, lousy interface, once I’m in the never ending forum loop the only way back to scout book is to log into it directly. No obvious links to escape the forums.

@TimothyDolan didn’t the forums open in a new tab for you?

Timothy - did your son recently bridge from the the pack to the troop ? If so then the cub record is removed from view and it is replaced with the Scouts BSA view. The info is available from his record, then reports, cub scout history report.

Also is ASM your first position? They might have given you a new BSA # - you can go to your Account and Try Switch SSO to your login.

Son bridged last year, ASM is only position I’ve held. I see now that it’s opening a new window, but unlike the “old” version you can’t just back you’re way back out, nor punch a home icon to return.

The new forums are on Discourse, a 3rd party forum tool. The old forums were custom made, part of Scoutbook. Since the new forums open in a different tab, you just need to switch to the Scoutbook tab to return.

Thanks Ed, the frustrating thing in both the old and new forums for me is there doesn’t seem to be any forums on different scouting things, IE New scoutmaster forums, scout tips and tricks for advancement, or how to do fire by friction. Just can’t link scout A to unit N etc. So much potential if you want scouts and leaders to utilize this tool.

There are categories (forums in Discourse speak) for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Exploring and Sea Scouts. You can use these to discuss anything program related. These are not intended to discuss Scoutbook.

Yes but these are very broad categories. Boys scouts can be anything from how to tie A knot to some advanced committee conundrum.

Timothy - I am not sure I understand the issue. Some things like tying knots would not likely be a major topic of discussion unless of course a new knot was created. That would fall under several categories. if what you want to ask applied to Scots BSA then create a new topic there. This should not be that complicated.