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Who to contact about training classes?

Who/What department at National do we contact about comments on the training? I have no idea who decided it would be a good idea to replace the human speakers with a computer generated voice but it really makes it hard to listen to. Additionally, they really need to come up with a new method of retiring classes other than having it so when we log in and all our completions look to be gone and that we never completed the learning plans. Yes I know we can still see the classes themselves as completed in my.scouting but on the training site there is no record of those classes, just the plan you previously completed but listed as 0%

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I can help you with training. Please call me at 8045372702 and leave me a message as to what you are looking for. I will return the phone call later today after I leave work.


So do you work for national in the group that produces the training materials?

No I am volunteer and moderator for these forms. I also do training for those that need something or I find someone who can help.

Ok, I am not looking for training though. I’m looking for who to contact at the BSA about the My.Scouting/ScoutingU training that we have to take and comments/concerns I have about it.

I would probably reach out to training.team@scouting.org and/or submit a comment/question through the web form here:

Thanks Charley,

I’ll give that email a shot. Of course it would have been nice if they put a “questions/contact us” link anywhere on the training site.