Youth Protection Overview and Policies v2 Typo

The table of contents opened with the lower right TOC button lists “Appropriate Accomadations”. Accomodations is misspelled there.

@brantgurga - this is best directed to the feedback email at the training site.

Is there such a thing? I don’t see any feedback mechanisms listed. And while there’s still a publically accessible JIRA, last time I used it a scolding message came back to my council. So the 2 paths I know are the forum where SUAC will pass issues along or my council. And since this has nothing to do with my council, the forum seemed better.

@brantgurga - well i just pounded away at the learnCenter and i am incorrect there no longer is a feedback or contact us. Sorry about presenting bad info.

The training times has a ton of contact info. Since this is owned by ScoutingU, the chair would be a good start.

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@Matt.Johnson - thanks… will bookmark this

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