Why are some adults missing checkbox in Organization Roster?

In the MyScouting mobile app, under Organization Roster, if I choose a District, and then a program (say, “Scouts BSA”) and click the “Show Scouts BSA Adults” button, I get a list of all unit Scouters. But a handful of them don’t have a checkbox next to their name, so they don’t get included if I use “Select All” and export all these members to send them an email.

I thought at first maybe it was those adults without an email address that wouldn’t have a checkbox, but that’s not it; all the ones I looked at do have emails. I can’t tell what is different about these adults’ records. Has anyone figured out why some adult names don’t have a checkbox?

This is the only way I know to get a email listing for all registered adults in a program. In Commissioner Tools there is a report for Key 3 members, but not all the other adults. If there is an alternate report somewhere to generate a full email listing, that would work too.


I highly recommend the Trained Leader Reports (either YPT or position). Either should give you name, unit, position, and email address (along with training status) for all unit and district leaders. It’s also exportable as a CSV, which is perfect for splicing and dicing for District communication needs.

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Given the presence of altogether discontinued features in the MyScouting mobile app, I think it’s a neglected platform.

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On my phone, if I want to access my.scouting, I go to the website. It works well enough for what I want to do. The app does seem to be neglected, as you point out.